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Aiming to help a broader patient population and provide an alternative to opioids


New Treatment Helps Patients Avoid Opioid Painkillers

Riverview Health has been able to reduce opioids by 70% for patients undergoing total knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Stephen Brown describes how the iovera° treatment is a game changer for his patients who have knee pain due or osteoarthritis and for those who receive a total knee replacement.

WNYT of Albany, New York, recently reported that “As communities battle the opioid epidemic, doctors are finding new ways to control pain without drugs.”

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“We are…not destroying, just irritating the nerve, which then doesn’t transmit information to the brain” Dr. Parikh noted.

Note from Myoscience: Per the FDA 510k clearance, the iovera system is indicated for the relief of pain and symptoms associated with osteoarthritis of the knee for up to 90 days.

In a randomized clinical study, a majority of patients who received the iovera° therapy continued to experience pain relief beyond 150 days.

“With all the issues with narcotic pain medication, this is a very important change in medicine and how we’re going to control pain post-operatively.  This is a technique that will change how we practice medicine.”, Dr. Scott Strasburger, Lincoln, Nebraska.

The iovera° technology was recently featured in Talk Business 360 as a viable alternative to opioids for treating acute (surgical) pain.

Myoscience from Elizabeth Montomery on Vimeo.

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“I don’t like prescribing narcotics and I don’t like patients in pain,” Dr. Peters said during a recent interview about the iovera treatment – Salem, OH

“We’ve had great results with the iovera° therapy” Robin McDonald, FNP-BC, Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner

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“I think in the next decade, we’re going to be able to get people through surgeries that are traditionally very painful without having to take any narcotic medications, which will prevent addictions,” says Dr. Robert Limoni, an orthopedic surgeon with BayCare Clinic.

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