Iovera Cold Therapy Device - Myoscience

Founded in 2005, Myoscience is an innovation-driven medical technology company located in Fremont, California.  In 2014 we received FDA clearance to market our technology for treating peripheral nerves with cryoanalgesia to block pain.  The iovera° technology is the only non-opioid therapy in the market that utilizes cryoanalgesia to alleviate pain by disrupting pain signals from being transmitted to the brain.

We are dedicated to establishing our proprietary technology as the standard of care for several conditions involving peripheral nerves.

We are equally dedicated to creating a work environment that produces innovative thinking – and proud that we’re putting our name on a product that we ourselves would use.

Who We Are

At Myoscience, we are committed to making our proprietary technology, the iovera° system, standard of care as a non-opioid way to manage pain by treating peripheral nerves. This technology delivers cold on target nerves to temporarily disrupt the transmission of pain signals from the pain receptors to the brain.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to improving patients’ lives by providing safe and innovative medical technologies that produce clinically proven drug-free pain treatments. We continuously strive to improve the quality and technology of our products, enhancing both patient satisfaction and customer experience.

The Team

Dave Derminio
Greg Takaki
Andy Jones
Kent Jones
Kris Kumar
Eric Johansson
Patti Camarena

Board of Directors

Brian Farley
Jon Serbousek
Bernard Coulie
Jan Pensaert
Anthony Lando
Jose (Pepe) Calle Gordo



Additional European investors introduced by American Equities Overseas Inc.

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