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New Orleans (WWL) — Dr. Posas discusses helping a patient who had suffered from severe headaches for over 5 years.


NEW YORK (WCBS) — Freeze the Pain Away. A report from WCBS's Dr. Max Gomez. An avid runner blows her knee out, "she had the knees of a 90 year old man". Nick with a torn ACL and in spite of three surgeries was in constant pain. Dr. Danesh at Mount Sinai Hospital uses iovera's Focused Cold Therapy to freeze the pain away.


LOS ANGELES (NBCLA) — When you have chronic knee pain, everything you do hurts. NBC 4's Dr. Bruce Hensel reports on an alternative to addictive pain medicine and surgery. Watch Dr. Williams dramatically improve the knee pain of Sharon Basham-Dominguez by freezing nerves in both knees. This was the first time she felt normal, after years of pain.


A ground breaking treatment that can virtually eliminate your pain in 60 seconds. You won't believe what doctors are using today to treat knee pain, headaches, and more. Is it right for you? Over 100 million Americans suffer from pain. Jennifer, she was another statistic until she found another way. Dr. Vernon Williams shows us a new procedure that actually freezes pain away.


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Imagine having knee pain for decades, and then having it all disappear with a quick trip to the doctor's office. As CBS 2's Emily Smith reports, doctors are actually freezing away the pain. Watch Dr. Vinod Dasa treat patient Leslie Griffin who has suffered from knee pain since she was 20 years old.
The iovera° system is intended to temporarily block pain at peripheral nerve sites. The treatment effect is immediate and lasts until the nerve has regenerated. In a single-arm, post-market clinical study of knee pain, 70% of patients reported an effect 56 days post-treatment. Common side effects include local pain, tenderness, swelling, bruising and tingling or numbness. Typically these reactions resolve with no physician intervention.