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What is the ioverao treatment?

The ioverao treatment uses the body's natural response to cold to treat peripheral nerves and immediately reduce pain - without the use of drugs or pharmaceuticals. Treated nerves are temporarily stopped from sending pain signals for a period of time, followed by a restoration of function. The ioverao treatment is FDA cleared to block pain.

How does the ioverao treatment work?

The ioverao treatment works by applying targeted cold to a peripheral nerve. A precise cold zone is formed under the skin – cold enough to immediately prevent the nerve from sending pain signals without causing damage to surrounding structures. The effect on the nerve is temporary, providing pain relief until the nerve regenerates and function is restored.


Watch the full video for details on
how the ioverao system works and how it
effectively, and immediately reduces pain.


Cold has been used to relieve pain since the days of Hippocrates in ancient Greece. Modern cold therapy, or cryotherapy, has been around since the 1950s and is a trusted technology for treating pain. The ioverao system has revolutionized the delivery of cryotherapy. Until now, traditional cryotherapy treatments were invasive, using large complicated machines that ablated (or destroyed) tissue. With the ioverao system, doctors are able to deliver precise, controlled doses of cold temperature through a portable, handheld device. This minimally invasive treatment is safe, and causes no damage to surrounding tissues. By a process called Wallerian Degeneration, the effect on the treated nerve is temporary, immediately stopping pain until the nerve regenerates.